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  • MrShift@Edmunds 03/26/09 6:38 pm PST

    I don't know anyone who's tried it.

    Best thing I can tell you with usual swaps like this (basically a downgrade) is go visit those forums where really serious Subaru freaks hang out and then (this is the important part) FIND SOMEONE WHO DID IT ALREADY.

    If you can't find someone who did it and they won't share their info, don't attempt it would be my advice.

    With engine swaps of an unusual nature, you don't want to be the point man, you want to be in the middle of the platoon.

    "Plenty of engines FIT but not all of them RUN"

  • motorstreet 03/26/09 6:46 pm PST

    The 2.5 should be able to swap, because the engine went into the exact same car. I'd say injectors and fuel pump need to be replaced, but I don't know what else to replace.

  • MrShift@Edmunds 03/26/09 9:55 pm PST

    There's always the issue of the engine management system from the existing car mating up to the new engine. Joining those harnesses and programming everything to work correctly. I mean, if you just hook up the 2.5 to the Sti's computer, it's going to be very confused I would think, as it will be receiving very strange signals.

    Like I said, bolting the engine in is often the easiest part.


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