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  • MrShift@Edmunds 03/26/12 10:34 am PST

    You'd have to ask the dealer to cross reference the part numbers.

    I can see why you might want a shock upgrade, but strut and trunk braces are mostly for track use and I don't think you need anything like that on your type of car. All they do is give a little quicker turn in and stability, but you'd have to be driving pretty hard even to notice. In other words, you'd have to be distorting the front suspension under pretty hard cornering for this type of device to matter.

    If you'd like better handling, and I'm sure you would, I would suggest the shock upgrade if it fits and also better tires than the factory gave you. "Better" in the sense of better traction and sidewall rigidity, not wear necessarily.

  • texases 03/26/12 10:42 am PST

    I guess if I wanted the SE suspension, I'd just get the 4-cyl. SE. Edmunds is doing a long term test, and they like it:

    The weight of the hybrid's different, and the tires are low rolling resistance for mpgs, so that leaves struts as a possible improvement with no mpg impact. I guess you could, but that's a lot of $$ for a relatively small change. You'd have to get factory struts, if they're available yet.

    First test drive each and see if the difference is very noticable.

  • snortner 03/26/12 4:27 pm PST

    What attracted me to the Camry Hybrid was the 0-60 in 7.1 and the 41mpg city. I took a short test drive and the acceleration was great. Just what I was looking for. But getting on the freeway on an S shaped on ramp as well as a couple of regular corners and a quick lane change and the term that came to mind was "wallowing". I wasn't going terribly fast getting on the freeway and I saw the salesman grabbing for the handhold. I don't think its a matter of just getting used to it. I think I would have to change my driving style. I'm not sure if I could do that.

    You're probably right, the cost of the upgrade if it were possible would probably be prohibitive. If I drop down to 25mpg city, there are a number of cars I would look at before the Camry SE, but its probably worth a second look.

    Perhaps I should wait and see what the new Fusion and Altima Hybrids do performance wise.

  • texases 03/26/12 4:30 pm PST

    That's a good idea - I have an MKZ hybrid, and the handling, while not 'sporty', is far from 'wallowing'. And the new Fusion hybrid should be even better.

  • snortner 03/26/12 8:06 pm PST

    I don't need a sports car either. If I could have the Fusion hybrid's handling with the Camry hybrid's performance I'd be sold. I guess what I want is a hybrid hybrid.

  • MrShift@Edmunds 03/26/12 10:15 pm PST

    The right tires can make a lot of difference. The factory tires are compromises to comfort.


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