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  • mazdaspeed_jon 05/26/09 4:50 pm PST

    The 5-speed Type-R transmission out of the DC2 Integra Type-R or the EK Civic Type-R will bolt right up to your GSR motor without any problems. They are a very common swap in the honda world for their shorter gearing, more aggressive final drives, and LSD. However, the 6-speed you are referencing is from the DC5 Integra (RSX in the US) or the EP3 Civic Type R. Because those use a K-series engine instead of the B-series like your car, you cannot run those unless you also run a K-series engine.

  • integymike 03/22/11 8:36 pm PST

    ahah common man.. you should know a 6 speed k trans cant bolt up to a b series


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