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  • zaken1 03/21/09 2:22 am PST

    There are six different part listings for 1995 Crown Vic Interceptor computers; and eight different part numbers for 1996 Crown Vic Interceptor computers. They apparently were built with different calibrations. Because of these differences; only someone who is intimately familiar with these differences would know which, if any, would be a good upgrade for your Bird. Furthermore; these computers require VIN reprogramming upon installation; which could become a major obstacle, as well as an additional expense.

    For that reason, as well as the greater tuneability and application flexibility of a piggyback performance programmer; I would recommend a Hypertech Max Energy Power Programmer, or a comparable unit. These units cost more than a stock replacement computer; but I believe they will give you better and more predictable results. Check with the customer service people at Summit Racing about which model would be the best choice.

    Source: www.summitracing.com


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