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  • Stever@Edmunds 06/21/11 8:20 pm PST

    Chevron says:

    "Chevron gasoline can be stored for a year without deterioration when the storage conditions are good -- a tightly closed container, moderate temperatures, and out of direct sunlight.

    Chevron recommends that gasoline not be stored unnecessarily. A supply that won't be needed for several months should be used and replenished when the need reoccurs."

    Note that most car fuel tanks are "vented" into the EVAP system where the vapors should be caught, and thus may not meet the tightly closed container criteria.

    Exxon says:

    "In general, gasoline should be used within a month of purchase. When the engine will not be used for an extended period of time, it’s best to drain the fuel tank and then run the engine until it stalls."


  • texases 06/21/11 9:31 pm PST

    You need to be more specific - 'over a year' could be 13 months or 30. At 13 months, I guess I'd fill it up and use it up quick, filling it back up every 1/3 tank or so, and I'd add a max treatment of Techron.


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