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  • tony78 12/29/09 10:52 pm PST

    The only porsche i ever liked was the 356, but if you want the cayenne, go ahead and buy it.

  • Stever@Edmunds 12/29/09 10:56 pm PST

    Life is short and it sounds like you really want this rig. Go for it.

    And enjoy. :-)

  • morin2 12/29/09 10:59 pm PST

    This is one of those "life is short" purchases. Hey, if you can easily afford it and it gives you pleasure, why not? I'm sure you realize by leafing thru those maintenance records that the upkeep will not be as cheap as most cars. I would say though, that if you have to borrow to pay for this one, reconsider. You'll need to keep a fair monthly savings for gas, service, insurance etc. You'll want to find a good Porsche mechanic. Its not a commuter, but if you're retired and have some open road, wow. So, hey you only live once! (If this is the turbo S, how's your heart?)

  • nyccarguy 12/29/09 11:14 pm PST

    I have a customer that has an '06 Cayenne V6 with over 90K on the clock. He changes the oil every 10K. It is a heavy vehicle & he says it eats through brakes & tires. He had to replace the ignition coils way early on and last week he had to replace the driveshaft (covered under Porsche's CPO warranty).

    You need a good independent Porsche mechanic to check this car out and keep it running for you.

  • texases 12/30/09 12:55 am PST

    If this is the v6 version, I would avoid it, it's heavy and underpowered. That's why you're getting a good price on it. The v8 is the minimum.

  • carinfo101 12/30/09 10:42 am PST

    Hey Everyone, thanks for your advice. The vehicle I am looking at is actually a Porsche Cayenne Turbo that has always been maintained by a Porsche dealer and the 80K major service for the vehicle has already been done. I was told that the vehicle's engine and transmission, if taken care of will last me a long time.

    I have owned numerous bmw X5's and thought I would try a different manufacturer. I was considering a touareg because I thought they were very similar until I did a lot of research and found out how different they actually are. I also tried out the range rover and wasn't impressed with how heavy the vehicle feels as you are driving it. It was a head turner for sure, but felt to heavy and not something you could really dash around in.

    I was also giving a thought to Murano, ford edge, Mazda cx-7 and cx-9 and a acura rdx, to be more practical in price.

  • texases 12/30/09 10:46 am PST

    Oh, the Turbo - now that's a different kettle of fish! And given your previous experience with German iron, and a clearly documented and correct maintenance record, I'd say go for it!

  • morin2 12/30/09 12:31 pm PST

    There's nothing like 450 HP for "dashing around".

  • tainment 01/03/10 5:59 am PST

    I have a 04 Cayenne S with 74k miles and it's running great. Make sure you check to see if there's any problem with the emmision coil. According to Porsche service manager it's a known problem. In some Cayenne S it goes out at about 40 - 50 k. Last month the emmission coil went out while coming down the mountain from skiing. It's a good thing I had extended warranty or else it would have cost over $1700. They had to replace all 8 spark plugs too.

    Otherwise it's a great car and fun to drive.

  • marcboxx 03/08/11 8:22 am PST

    My wife and I bought one last week 05 "S" with 79k. No brainer...just check service history with Porsche at a local dealer and if the car was local like ours was you should be able to see everything that was done to it. The only known problems are the cardon driveshaft (can get them rebuilt for $400 these days), ignition coils (should have already been updated at your miles, but if not Porsche just sent out extended warranty letters for those who recently replaced them in offer refunds on the repair as well as going another 4yrs / 50k miles up to 100k miles on any future failures). Coolant pipes is another biggy, but those should also have been replaced by now as well. If not, set aside $1400 for this to upgrade to aluminum from plastic. One other issue...if they NEVER were replaced make sure to get them done because once they leak they cause the starter AND transmission seal to fail. The tranny seal is a $2k job for replacement of a $15 seal as it needs to be removed to repair. Other than that its gas, oil changes, brakes and drive! Life IS short and it is a fantastic, safe ride and better than the newer stuff on the road.


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