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  • bepperb 02/01/08 9:39 am PST

    My advice would be threefold. First, check out some reviews and see what is available at tirerack.com, and get an idea of cost... etc. Second, know what the universal tire grading system (it's a number follwed by two letters on the side of every tire. Don't get anything that isn't "a" and "b" or better for traction and temp. The number relates to how long the tire will wear, so consider paying extra to get something in the 600's if you plan on keeping the car for awhile. Third, don't be tempted to get light truck tires, rather stick with passenger car tires.

    I have a Highlander that can use the same size tire. Most people at the forum I live on for that vehicle prefer the Michelin LTX or Crossterrains, though they are expensive. The Yokohama Geolandar H/T-S G051 also gets some good reviews.

  • bigdadi118 02/28/09 1:58 pm PST

    In www.tirerack.com after your recommended tires listed you can click on one of it then read the user review ratings of "Will Buy Again" if they are listed high on top then you are OK to buy those.

  • jaredjones 06/23/12 10:17 am PST

    Dunlop and Good Year are also good brands of tyres you may want to consider. I was also looking fortyre replacements last month, and I found mine here: http://www.beaurepaires.com.au/tyres/ . Maybe you want to check them out.


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