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  • 0patience 05/18/10 12:00 am PST

    The line from the modulator hooks up to the intake port, just to the rear of the carb.

    There should be a port there with a nipple that the vacuum line attaches to.

    If the vacuum line isn't hooked up, it will affect the shifting of the transmission.
    There should be a kickdown linkage. It will also affect the shifting if it is not connected or out of adjustment. The linkage or cable, should attach to the driver's side forward part of the transmission.

  • tomelee80 05/18/10 12:37 am PST

    there is no kickdown cable, ive checked and rechecked. just to make sure i had some one else look and didnt c it either. but it does have a modgler on the rear of trans by the tail. their was a blue cap over the vacume port, should i remove it and put a hosr to the lower rear bigger vacume port on the carb, or can i use a nipple that i have and just put it on the intake in one of the many plugged port holes?i dont have a lot of knowlage on transmissions

  • 0patience 05/18/10 7:48 pm PST

    My bad, the cable should go into the trans on the pass side. I mistakenly said the driver's side.

    Just forward of the dipstick tube.
    Just because you don't see the cable, doesn't mean that it shouldn't be there.

    Looking at the transmission, from the dipstick tube, just forward of the dipstick tube, is the cooler line ports, just forward and below them is the hole for the kickdown cable.
    If it is plugged, that means someone has modified it.
    The problem is, that the TV modulator (kickdown) may not be in the correct position and may be causing problems.

    As for the vacuum line to the vacuum modulator, the lower rear port on the carb is for the brake booster. It can be used, but hooking up to it is often more of a pain than it's worth.
    The best bet is to hook up to the manifold at the port just to the rear of the carb, between the carb and distributor. That is the port that was designed for the vacuum modulator.


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