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  • countryal 05/20/08 11:37 am PST

    John I have a 2005 Pathfinder doing the same thing. I understand the problem is a faulty fuel gauge sensor. The sensor is part of the fuel pump. I've been told the pump has to be replaced to fix the problem. The pump is about $350 from the dealer. I have not been able to find it anywhere else(Autozone,Advanced, O'reilly, NAPA do not carry it). This is also why the service engine soon light is on. If you do a search on the internet you will find this is a problem alot of people are having on the Pathfinder and the Xterra. Shur would be nice if they had a recall. The price of the pump does not include labor. Larry

  • countryal 06/09/08 12:35 am PST

    Update to answer: There is a service Bulletin on Nissan's site about this problem.Classifacation: EL07-027A Reference: NTB07-069A. It says you can replace the fuel sensor without having to replace the fuel pump.The replacement part #'s are:FUEL LEVEL SENDING UNIT 25060-ZS00A & Packing 17342-EA000. Hope this helps. Larry

  • alisonl 09/07/08 8:38 am PST

    Report this problem to Nissan Consumer Affairs!!! The more people that call in and complain, the better the chance of a recall. I just had the same problem w/ mine since about 50,000 miles. I had no idea it was the fuel pump, the dealer told me that the gas gauge was "supposed" to do that. So I drove on it knowing or thinking it was just a fuse. NOT!! Cost me about $600 to $700 for the fuel pump because then, after they replace it, they do some cleaning thing thats probably not necessary. Good luck, the mechanic told me it would have eventually shut off on me if I had not gotten fixed at 86,000 miles. But call into Nissan!! They need a recall. Im reporting my incident to BBB because of the way Nissan handled it.



  • joldani 09/10/08 3:15 pm PST

    I just had the same thing happen today. 05 Pathfinder with approx 65Kmiles. Sounds like we have a pattern going.

  • johnkeefe12 08/26/09 2:12 pm PST

    I just had this exact same thing happen to me (2005 XTerra -- just over 50,000 miles). There is NO WAY this is a coincidence. Let's work together to remedy this.

    I am going to attempt to reach out to Nissan now. I have the feeling it's going to be a black hole, but I'd love to discuss how we can work together on this. Do we contact the BB or....? Anyone know?



  • johnkeefe12 08/26/09 2:46 pm PST

    I just got off the phone with Nissan Customer Service. Everyone needs to call (it's fast) and create a case file to potentially create a recall situation on this. Information below:

    Nissan Consumer Affairs

    P.O. Box 685003
    Franklin TN 37068-5003
    (800) NISSAN-1 (or 800-647-7261)
    8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.,
    Eastern / Central Time / Pacific Time
    Monday through Friday


  • hcj3rd 09/01/09 11:05 am PST

    I also have 2005 Pathfinder and it failed inspection today for fault code P0463 Fuel level Sensor. My car has 65,000 miles on it. I called Nissan today and got a case number for this problem. Every body with this problem needs to call and report this problem.

  • aon 09/10/09 6:05 pm PST

    The fuel sending unit needs to be replaced. The fuel pump does not need replacement. If the fuel pump was bad the car would not start. The fuel sending unit is inside the gas tank--the bracket holding it on will break and the unit will actually float inside the tank. Mechanically everything will still work as far as getting gas to the motor. Your gas guage will not. The cheapeast alternative is to reset your trip miles on the speedometer every time you fill your tank. You must calculate how many miles per gallon your car gets and what size your tank is. I believe the pathfinder has a 18 gallon tank but not sure. At 16 to 17 miles per gallon that would put you at filling your tank up when your trip miles read 288 to 306 miles.
    The fuel sendinf unit is around $55.00. Found online http://www.courtesyparts.com/fuel-sende

    The work of replacing the unit involves removing the gas tank. This can be dangerous as you would want to make sure there are no sparks when working around open gas tank. For instance I only use hand ratchet tools and not air tools when working on gas tank since you are much more likely to have a spark with air tools. If you do decide to do the work yourself constantly be aware of the safety issue and before you start have the tank as empty as possible. I mean really empty--be riding on fumes before you start this will make the job much easier. removing a full gas tank is no fun- there is the obvious added weight and gas tanks are not made to sit flat on the ground and if you loose grip--tank teeter totters and Bang to floor. Overall the job is not that hard or time consuming but you should have some prior basic mechanical knowledge. if not, get the book and follow the directions. And when working with gas-even just the fumes--Be Safe. If fire catches it can not just burn you but things like wires under the hood, etc..

    I can do and have replaced units before but havent done the one in my Pathfinder for about a year now. resetting your trip miles when filling up will work great if you dont have the time to do the repair. I also have the same problem with a GM truck so this problem is not exclusive just to nissan but it would be nice to see this part made at a higher quality standard.

  • aon 09/10/09 6:06 pm PST

    I am impressed with your tenacity at contacting the BBB. Good job!

  • dbern 10/09/09 5:30 pm PST

    Hi to all,

    We have a faulty fuel gauge sensor in our 2005 Nissan Pathfinder also. We have the technical bulletin but Nissan says that they will not pay to repair it, the rep actually told us that we will have to take "responsibility for it sometime". I am furious. What are our options (aside from not buying another Nissan), I feel that if they know the part is faulty, they should take responsibility for it. We are being quoted about 400.00 to repair it.
    We are due for inspection within the next month :(
    What has been successful for you?

  • wilxsmith 10/14/09 11:55 pm PST

    I have an 05 Pathfinder and have the same problem. I first noticed it about 2,000 miles after the warranty period was up (of course). The dealer quoted me $400 to fix it. I called and complained to Nissan to no avail. BBB... nothing. I'm glad to see others having this issue so we can pressure Nissan to do something voluntarily or via class action lawsuit.

    Spread the word!

  • johnkeefe12 10/18/09 7:21 pm PST

    Hey everyone,
    I wrote in above re: my 2005 Nissan Xterra that had this same fuel problem. After I opened a case with Nissan customer service (file# P6625935) I was told that I needed to go have a diagnostics test done at the dealership....so basically pay them for them to tell me what we all already know.....in addition to taking the time to have the other recall on this vehicle to get fixed (recall# P5234).

    A week or so after I made the call, I received a postcard from Nissan saying "We Want Your Feedback" at the top and was supposedly from the Senior Manager, Nissan Consumer Affairs. I then called to see if I could talk to her, but not surprisingly can't seem to get her on the phone. I did get a call back from another service rep and am taking my car into the dealership tomorrow, who will then be in touch with consumer affairs in Nashville. I will keep everyone in the loop about what happens.

    I don't have the energy to tell the story about what a person said about the '05 Xterra at a service garage the other day. Til next time.




  • sonia868 10/21/09 10:31 pm PST

    Hi everyone. I was just looking online to see if anyone else was having this same problem with the fuel guage. My 2005 pathfinder also has around 65,000 miles and started to register either 0 or ----- for the gas level. I will be contacting Nissan tomorrow to complain too. Hopefully we will get a recall.

  • victorious111 10/27/09 8:01 pm PST

    Im from Canada and its been 4 years since I bought this [profanity deleted] SUV. I had 98 pathfinder as well which worked way better than this crap. Since I bought it; I've been having problems with it the kinda problems that you do not expect from a new car. Wheather strip comes off, cheap interior comes off, when you roll up the front windows it gives off the cracking sound at the end and blah blah blah the list goes on.
    And now this guage problem for a while too. I thought there would've been a recall already but obviously there's none. I went to the dealers they told me its gona cost $450 to fix it. I even told them that it is a universal problem and they should do somthing about it and the technician said "I know it is a problem I've fixed a few with the same problem but we cant do anything since Nissan wont do anything about it." So they know that the sensor is faulty. I'm trying to get hold of someone at Nissan but so far no luck. How about joining in and take some action as a group?

  • chris414 11/06/09 3:07 pm PST

    Thank you, johnkeefe12, for sharing the Nissan contact information. The gas gauge on my 2005 Pathfinder started malfunctioning almost two months ago. I put off having it checked because I won't step foot in the Nissan dealership. Actually took it to the Honda dealership where I received excellent service but bad news that the fuel pump needed to be replaced to correct the problem. I was told that I could continue to drive it the way it is but that this was often a precursor to the fuel pump going out completely. I have three small kids and can't run the risk of being stranded on the side of the road with them, so I coughed up the $526 to replace the fule pump.

    I talked to Nissan Service after reading the comments on this site. The rep was very nice but let me know that recalls were VIN specific. She did say that the more reports of this specific problem they had the better the chances of a recall being issued.

    If anybody out there is having this same problem and you haven't called Nissan Service to report, you should. You could be the one call that tips the scales in our favor.

  • 2218doug 11/30/09 1:59 pm PST

    I've recently developed this same P0463 in my wife's 07 Xterra with the fuel level sensor. I've done the homework online and have contacted the NTSB as well as Nissan America. I'll probably fix it myself, as I'm fairly mechanically inclined, but I shouldn't have to touch this over-priced failure. She (wife) took it to dealer service where they wanted to do "diagnostics" in the amount of $175. I had already explained the service it needed. WTF do you need to do "diagnostics" for?! I told you what the "diagnostics" will tell you! It's P0463. That's fuel level sensor. Period. Instead they try drumming revenue with fancy-shmancy techno-gadgets to break it off in my arse. "Well, the cost of the unneccessary diagnostics will be credited to the amount of our over-priced repair that we're gonna rape your wallet with, sir!"
    Nissan needs to address this, dammit!

    Case# 6668429 @ Nissan

    Made in USA FTW!

  • dantanna 12/10/09 4:08 pm PST

    Mine just went too. Was told to pound-sand at the dealership and Nissan USA. My case number is 66272877. I will be fixing mine myself and writing letters to Nissan, NTSB and FMVSS.

    Nissan appears to have been plagued with this problem in the recent past. Older model cars were recalled due to a potential for a lose of power due to running out of fuel. This was an NTSB forced recal; not voluntary. I am not sure why it has not been forced here. Personally an electrical failure in an enviornment containing explosive fumes should be considered more serious. I also see the serious nature of loosing power. It looks like we need someone to die before Nissan takes any action. Sad world we live in...

    I really think that the dealerships are the problem; they are simply making too much money to push this issue with Nissan. This is probably because dealerships make nearly no money selling cars; just "fixing" them. I worked for Toyota; their service writers are paid on a commission basis. The prices are not fixed and your repairs may not be entirely necessary. If this was a recall issue I believe that the dealership is required to charge back a smaller fixed cost to Nissan vs. the larger sum of money they steal from us. You can also negotiate repair pricing at the dealerships; they love it when you don't and will have nasty names for you when you do negotiate (hell, they had a name for the people who don't negotiate). Worst case, visit your local mechanic; chances are he is a better mechanic anyways.

  • year1media 01/12/10 12:53 pm PST

    Ethanol. From what I've read, Ethanol corrodes plastic. The fuel pump is plastic and fits INSIDE the gas tank. This appears to be a problem that can never go away unless the fuel pump is made of aluminum, or "they" stop adding Ethanol to the gas.

  • poedpathfinder 01/30/10 6:42 pm PST

    I have found that if you are getting close, within a couple days of an inspection or just before going, Disconnect your battery for about an hour to "reset" the check engine light. This should work so you can get your state inspection, then fix, or wait for Nissan to get off their assses and announce a recall for this problem. You would think that with the problem affeacting at least 2 model lines that they would fix the problem on a recall.

  • greatdanemom 03/09/10 3:04 pm PST

    I called Nissan about 05 pathfinder. Everyone with this problem needs to call.


  • timbo320 03/13/10 11:47 am PST

    I also have a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder with the same faulty fuel sensor that Nissan used in many of its vehicles. I also cannot trust my fuel gauge and actually have run out of fuel with my family in the car on a busy road. Of course, when running out of fuel you lose power steering and power assist on your brakes as well. Nissan will now sell the senor separate from the fuel pump, but it is still around $75.00-80.00 in cost and than you will need to have a new gasket ring, and that is round $15.00. Because the fuel tank needs to be removed from the vehicle to replace the sensor, it may be difficult for you to perform this service yourself. Also, consider the hazards of flammable fuel in the tank if you attempt to do this yourself.

    By the way, recently Nissan has finally acknowledged this defective senor on 54,000 of their models, but claim when I called them about mine that it was not part of the recall. To me it seems as though this issue is greater than Nissan wants to admit and just like Toyota’s recent issues, they had a knee jerk reaction to the possibilities of legislative hearings. But, in my opinion, as well as others Nissan has not done enough to ensure customer satisfaction, or perceived reliability in the quality of their vehicles.

    That being said, I was recently in the market to purchase a new minivan for my wife, and looked at the Nissan Quest, along with others. After reading this vehicle’s reviews online as well as Nissan’s refusal to take ownership of my faulty fuel sensor, I decided I could not afford to purchase another Nissan vehicle with the possibility of having the same faulty fuel sensor, or other quality issues that Nissan will not take ownership of fixing.

  • lalady225 04/26/10 2:05 pm PST

    After reading all of the comments concerning this issue, it is very good but disappointing to find that others are having the same issue that I am having with my 2005 Nissan Pathfinder. I agree that Nissan should take responsibility for this apparent problem with the Pathfinder and remedy it by doing a recall. I have already been denied my inspection sticker because of this problem due to the "Check Engine Soon" light being illuminated. I refuse to pay for any repairs that appear to be a common issue associated with this vehicle. This is the only problem so far that I have had with my Nissan and it's really a pain.


  • lboutte8 04/26/10 6:50 pm PST

    I've changed the sensor on a frontier and a pathfinder. both having no fuel reading and the check engine light on. that fixed these symptoms. 2 months later the pathfinder doesnt seem to be pumping fuel at all. i wonder if the cause of the sensor going bad led up th the pump going out also.

  • marla6 05/17/10 2:20 pm PST

    Yet another HIT. Just left Nissan, 2005 XTerra 51,000+ miles P0463 error message, same damn thing and $450 to fix. Haven't called Nissan yet, that's next on my list, I wanted to get some idea how many other people were having the same problems, MORE TO COME.
    signed, frustrated with lack of service . .

  • rcaret5 05/25/10 3:50 pm PST

    We also just has this happen on our 05 Pathfinder with about 62K miles. We have a certified vehicle, but the dealer is telling us it's not covered. We'll be contacting Nissan Consumer Affairs.

  • fuelsensorsux 08/22/10 8:52 pm PST

    Same here 2005 pathfinder right about 40k miles check engine light comes on.. then my gas reads 0 or ----------- Nissan wanted an auto $100 to even look at my car. Then told me my sensor was bad and it is behind the gas tank.. so it would cost about $900.. oh yea and by the way you also need this this this this--- bla bla for a total of $2500. I have been on countless pages and everyone has the same problem. Nissan told me my care is safe and its fine, just dont trust your gague.. The battery disconnect should work for emissions. Ug thanks, so my car is fine but you only want $2500 for a problem that is a bad sensor and not from misuse or wear and tear on the car? I work at home so I dont drive my car very often, and being an 05..in the yr 10.. Looks like a new car otherwise inside and out. Time for a recall NISSAN.

  • brymick11 09/21/10 12:08 pm PST

    Same thing here. 2005 Pathfinder 70k. Need to get my car inspected, check engine light's on. Fuel gauge unresponsive. I called the 1800 number, got a case number. She refused to submit the report to a regional manager, until I got a 100 dollar diagnostic, for a problem that I know clearly exists. Its a scam. Call the 1800 number and complain, Nissan needs to get it through their heads that they can't do this.

  • boracay 09/28/10 10:24 am PST

    Same here with my 2005 Pathfinder. Almost 100k now but the fuel sensor broke around 60k. Last Sunday, on my way home, the engine just stop in the middle of the road. Tried to start it & it did start but there's no gas going to the engine then eventually the engine stops again. Thank God we didn't get into an accident. I have my wife & my daughter with me. So I had it towed to an Autoshop. Yesterday the mechanic told me the problem they found is the P0463. They checked the fuel pump & still has a pressure. Awhile ago they called me that they'll order & will replace the Fuel Sending Kit. And hoping that would be the only problem they'll encounter. NISSAN should address this problem seriously. We don't want to wait for someone to die for them to listen!

  • brymick11 10/19/10 11:25 am PST


    I wrote a letter to Nissan explaining the problem and how disappointed I was at their lack of action, etc. They wrote me back extended my warranty to 72 months/72,000 miles. My pathfinder is currently in the shop now getting a new fuel level sensor. Saving me upwards of $500. I encourage everyone to write Nissan actual letters, instead of attempting to navigate their operators/customer reps who are basically trained to filter you to the dealership for out-of-pocket repairs. It worked for me.

  • bearhit 12/08/10 12:24 pm PST

    Recently received the 72 month/72K warranty extension - unfortunately passed 72K a year ago (2005 P/F)

    Consumer Affairs offered goodwill warranty of $250 toward the $600 job of replacing their KNOWN faulty equipment.

    A cunning plan on their part - if customers are waiting for the RECALL - lure them in with a meager token to keep the overpaid Nissan mechanics gainfully employed.

    Sad to see corporate profit stand so defiantly over customer service!!

    I'm sure Nissan is like many other companies - as long as our competitors are as greedy as we are - our business model is fine...

  • wpalsmeier 03/22/11 3:01 pm PST

    I owned a 2005 pathfinder I paid 458.oo out of my pocket to repair. Nissan recalled the sending unit now they will not reimburse my money. Getting ready to file a complaint with the attoney general.

  • smsears0574 07/13/11 4:39 pm PST

    I was "blessed" with buying a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder in 2009 and have had a "check engine light" since buying it at 100k miles. We took it to the dealership and the diagnostic showed one of 5 o2 sensors were bad...nice.....So just recently we encounteres the fuel guage registering 1/2 tank or "-----" and after reading everyones posting, I am pissed. Now with that, my mileage is almost 153k now so atleast its not newer like most of the others. I did call consumer affairs and registered a complaint to atleast add to everyones concerns and my case # is 7214251. They also asked me to go get a diagnostic done and they would forward my case to regional but after reading eveyones above, Im thinking it may be a waste of time. I am considering paying the $304 for the fuel pump and replacing it myself and be done with it rather than fill Nissans pockets with $600+ of my money. I am now trying to determine if the $304 is just the pump or the whole assembly that I need. The dealership wants $90 for my diagnostic. DECISIONS DECISIONS!!!

  • euroshow 10/04/11 9:00 pm PST

    A Few of you guys stated that the fuel sending unit is now a recall i can't find it. Can any of you give me the recall information? 2005 Nissan Pathfinder LE is what i have. Got stuck pushing that big SUV by myself off a freaking highway go figure!


  • suazoshelly 05/14/13 11:15 am PST

    i have seen, and read all these things, and i am sorry to say i have the same issues. I have a 2004 nissan pathfinder se and im trying to find out info on this recall? Nissan recalled the sending unit... if anyone can help i would appreciate it!

  • ilkaivan 10/25/13 3:13 pm PST

    I too have a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder, Same thing at 50K miles, fuel sensor not working. Extended warranty expired 6/2012 or $72,000.I called Nissan and spoke to customer service regarding same warranty/mileage but was told today that they will not cover such repairs. I purchased this used vehicle in 9/2012 and the previous owner did not perform any of the recalls on this vehicle. I have had to make other repairs and cant afford this on my income. Also my air conditioner unit has a leak in it as well that is another part I have to replace in the Spring. This is the first Nissan I purchased and feel with the customer service they have, I will not purchase another. My mileage is only 52,000K but because the recall date was good thru 6/2012, I do not qualify. Can someone help me to get this part covered?

  • feelskrewed 10/30/13 12:56 pm PST

    Unfortunately we have the same problem with our Nissan Pathfinder 2005, it has a faulty fuel gauge sensor which triggered the Check Engine light to go on, and now the gas meeter always shows that it is on empty therefore, I have now ran out of gas enough times to use up all my AAA services for the year. I contacted Nissan Consummer Affairs and was told by customer service that Nissan has no control over what issues or defects get to be recalled. I then asked her who makes such decisions and she told me that it is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Therefore, I ask that every one here please contact the NHTSA and file a complaint. We can do so online: NHTSA.gov

    Under the VEHCILE SAFETY tab choose FILE A COMPLAINT on the righ of your screen. You can file a complaint online or download the PDF form and email it back. Let's make sure Nissan gets our message loud and clear.


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