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  • MrShift@Edmunds 02/23/08 1:53 pm PST

    You might post this question in our F-150 Electrical Problems topic, which is here:


    Also you might hunt for an owner's manual on eBay: Here's one for sale now!


  • wern10 03/15/08 7:05 pm PST

    believe it or not you can log on to ford motor company in detroit and if you can recieve documents on your comp. theyll pretty much send you anything you need at no cost.the last ford i worked on the relay and roll over switch where just about center dashboard above the radio,that was an 86 waith a 302,automatic, and it was fuel injected..hope this helps

  • wern10 03/15/08 7:23 pm PST

    check the left frt kick panel and if its not there check under the dash above the radio next to the roll over switch.they only puy the relay in a couple of places,under the hood,behind the kick panel or middle of the dash board


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