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  • jeepfella 03/13/08 7:21 am PST

    Hey Mr.C,

    I've been having the same problem. My 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo has been giving me the exact same error p0351.

    Problem is that, well, I replaced the Ignition Coil & relay as directed.
    About a week later, same problem, car keeps stalling & sputtering again.

    I've taken this ****jeep to at least 3 mechanics who: have put it through the same diagnostic test and have all concluded the same thing. Which is, they don't know what causing it! I can understand that due to the fact that it's an intermittent stalling so that makes it hard to diagnose. I don't have an answer cause all things are still unresolved. But, the one thing they say it might be related to is: Electrical, possibly a short in the computer/wiring harness. That's a dealer issue, well, not for me, that's too dear for my wallet.


  • 03fxdwg 12/20/09 5:00 pm PST

    Unfortunately, the Jeep factory people seem to be clueless with this P0351 problem, too. I'm looking for some kind of bad connection involving the coil primary wiring and the automatic shutdown system which doesn't seem to be effected since the injectors keep dumping fuel when the engine is losing power and stalling as evidenced by the immense backfiring throught the exhaust. Jeep dealer has changed O2 sensors, two catalytic converters and three mufflers to date. Previously have changed PCM twice, CPS's (both), TPS, coil and distributor pick-ups.

    I'd look for something simple in a wire connection or ground somewhere before letting the mechanics drain your bank account.


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