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  • wickster72 02/29/08 9:14 pm PST

    I also have a 2001 ford windstar. Is your engine light on? If it is it might be you lower manifold. I really hope it is not, because this is my problem, the part is one back order until July 08. Go to Autozone or a mechanic and have them check it.
    Good luck

  • jennyluv 09/14/09 11:00 am PST

    i have a 2002 ford windstar and it is in the shop right now being repaired. i had brought this to a few garages and now one really narrowed down the cause of my check engine light. the call came in from Ford and p0171 & p0174 rae the upper & lower intake manafolds. i was told with parts and labor $885.00..w/ gaskets. how lucky and I. wow i didnt even know there was upper & lower. Crazy expensive

  • mreyna 04/27/12 9:51 pm PST

    you may want to check for vacuum leaks as well. after replacing the oxygen sensors, the check engine light came back on and it turned out i had a hole in the hose between the pvc valve to the throttle body.

  • mreyna 02/24/13 10:25 pm PST

    vacuum leak main vacuum hose from throttle bodyto t hose on passegers side above vavle cover listen for leak or some times u can see it on the hose will be suck in like swirvel


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