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  • ghost329 03/24/08 12:34 pm PST

    hey i don't know alot about vehicles but i have a 99 trooper. i had the same problem last year when i went up to the mountains. i put it in 4 wheel and going down started making clunking noises and had a hard time getting the brakes to work. i took it in and they told me it was the oil. no light came on and oil was changed just 1 week prior to this happening. well i toasted my engine so be careful i'd take it in immediately. hopefully it's not the same thing but it did happen in 4 wheel and had no problems prior in 2 wheel. now i have to replace the whole engine.

  • mouthychiky3 03/24/08 1:47 pm PST

    thanks for the info but unfortantely my engine is fried too. my oil seemed to be the problem too. did you get your engine replaced or are you not doing that ? if you did - is there any more problems with the 2 wheel drive ? i called for a used engine and cant get it cheaper than $2350. would it be better to get another engine or another vehicle ?


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