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  • karjunkie 09/27/08 8:16 am PST

    Under current conditions, even someone with a high credit score will have trouble getting credit. Do you belong to a credit union? Can a family member or friend cosign on a car loan for you?They will help you get credit if you do.

  • rontonya 09/27/08 9:38 am PST

    no i dont belong to a credit union and i dont really have a cosigner. any other suggestions if thanks

  • obyone 09/27/08 11:13 am PST

    A lot depends on how much you're going to put down as it reduces the lender's exposure so the more you put down the better your chances will be.

  • rontonya 09/27/08 11:20 am PST

    i have trade thats worth about 13 or 14 thousand and i own it out right.i owe nothing on it.thanks

  • rontonya 10/11/08 2:37 pm PST

    yea i own my house have bills to prove job wise about 3 years but i will buy a car that i want not what a dealerships wants me to.if i cant get what i want than i dont buy.thanks

  • macford 11/10/08 11:00 am PST

    When it comes to purchasing a vehicle with either a low score or little to no credit history, it makes it difficult to get approved. It is not impossible, just most banks / credit unions will have standards that need to be met before they loan you the money. The biggest thing that can help you buy a car is putting a large sum down. Trades with positive equity help, but the banks still like to see cold hard cash.
    Also, if the banks have standards that need to be met, they normally mean that they will not finance anything that is over 3 to 4 years old and cannot be more than 11k dollars. Which limits you to the choices of vehicles you can get.
    Best case scenario for you is to have some money down with your trade. Most dealerships now will work hard to help make you a deal and get you approved.

    Good luck and happy hunting!



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