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  • mitsugirl4 03/05/08 7:59 pm PST

    under the dashboard on the passenger side of the car you will find both the blower motor and the resistor which is what i assume you are talking about. also i would not be surprised if the problem you are having, which you dont explain, is caused by the remote temperature control module located right next to the blower motor. the blower motor will have three 8 millimeter bolts.

  • 1973 10/30/08 9:36 pm PST

    On the third resister and second blower motor and come to find out Ford has a problem with the twins (Sable and Tarus) on water getting into these and causing this problem. There is a TSB 04-15-3 out on this. Parts (not including the blower motor and resistor) are about $70.00, and you might as well replace the cabin air filter while you're in there. Takes less than an hour for the TSB work. Blower and resister about another 45 minutes if all goes well. It sucks that I had to go all this time on my 2002 Sable till I finally got the right guy at the dealership to tell me this TSB was the answer to my problems.


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