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  • sandman235 02/23/08 8:24 am PST

    There is no dip stick on the transmission. If you look on the top of the transmission, you will find a RED cap. This cap is for adding transmission fluid if needed. The cap is on the centerline of the transmission and almost below the exhaust crossover pipe. you may need to remove the air filter box lid and snorkel to the intake manifold to get at it.
    to check the fluid level you need to be under the car. There is a check plug that you remove while the engine is running while the transmission is in park. If the fluid RUNS (read not dribble) out of the hole it means the level is fine. if no fliud comes out it means you need to add untill it starts to run out the hole.

    The check plug is located on the passenger side of the transmission. The plug faces the passenger tire just foreward of where the half shaft comes out of the transmission and a little bit below it. if you are looking at where the half shaft comes out of the transmission the plug is at the 4 or 5 o'clock position.


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