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  • MrShift@Edmunds 05/12/08 12:02 pm PST

    This should be in your owner's manual but usually most manufacturers give you about 2 gallons in a reserve. My rule of thumb in ANY car is 50 miles after the light goes on MAXIMUM and that's pushing it.

    The light really means "find your next gas station, start looking now". Relying on the light is not only not so reliable (what if you don't notice it right away, how far have you driven already, are you going up a hill or down a hill) but also some sediment can collect at the bottom of a gas tank on a 5 year old car and you'd just be sucking that up all the time.

    Another way to figure this out is this: As SOON as your light comes on, fill up immediately and see how much gas you take. Your TOTAL capacity is 17 gallons on that car. So if you take 15 gallons as soon as the light comes on, you know you have about 2 gallons reserve. This isn't completely accurate and may be off by one half gallon or so, but it's about as good as you'll get.

  • elroy5 05/12/08 6:05 pm PST

    I have an 03 Accord (sedan) and the low fuel light comes on early. I rarely get more than 13.5 gallons in at fill-up. That would leave 3.5 gallons left in the tank.

  • ezshift5 05/13/08 11:48 am PST

    ...... noting the odometer as the low fuel lite comes on in my Accord 6M coupe - - - (at least five times since buying it new in 2005)  and then filling it up shortly thereafter: the calculations show a consistent 3.3 gallons remaining.

    Using a standard error figure of 10% and no less than 25 mpg, I never plan on driving more than about 50 miles prior to tanking up.

    cheers, ez....

  • tankbeans 05/15/08 2:57 pm PST

    I have an 03 Accord Coupe and I notice when I do get down to the feed me light I am only generally able to put 12 gallons in it, leaving a whopping 5 gallons.

    I remember one week I went for 3 days normal driving on the gas light. That was with 10 miles to and from work along with bumming around town. I don't like to do that often though.


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