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  • bepperb 01/28/08 3:58 pm PST

    The specs say 3.6 liters, but have four on hand (assuming you'll be changing the filter as well). The filter is a bit of a pain to get to, you'll need ramps or a jack. 10w30 is acceptable, 5w30 is better especially if it's below freezing where you park at night.

  • matt3141 08/02/11 12:12 am PST

    WARNING-> Another post has incorrect information. The post has wrong specs for both engine oil capacity AND viscosity! Believing and/or using the info WILL lead to problems or even engine damage!

    My 1997 Civic owner's manual is in front of me as I write. The CORRECT info is: total engine oil capacity including filter is 3.4 liters; and the engine REQUIRES 5W-30. (With the rare exception if the temperature NEVER gets below 45 degrees, one can use 10W-30 - but your mileage will certainly suffer.)

    Note that although the original total capacity is stated at 3.4 liters, I've NEVER drained more than three liters out of my Civic. Some oil remains in the engine even when warm, and Honda reduced the size of their oil filter for that engine after the manual was published. The total capacity with the newer, smaller genuine Honda filter seems to be about 3.2 liters.

    DO NOT OVERFILL THE ENGINE OILl! If you do, the crank sloshes around in the oil which immediately reduces fuel economy. Furthermore, the excessive oil mist created will foul the PCV and oxygen sensor, and may clog and destroy the catalyst. Believe me, I know! - as someone who had to replace a $450 O2 sensor just because some fool put in four liters of oil instead of three.


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