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  • madmanmoo 12/31/07 11:28 pm PST

    maybe it's because the new year is approaching, but i can't understand your question.

    i don't think you need to worry about any security chips in a lumina.

  • greanpea68 01/12/08 11:08 am PST

    The only way you will be able to do that is if you get a remopta starter installed. They will need to hide one programmed chipped key in the dash. Once that key is hidden in the dash you will be able to cut a $5 dollar key and be able to start the car because of the hidden key in the dash.


  • pfallone001 01/12/08 1:09 pm PST


    passkey is not easy to get rid of.
    security system looks for 15 diff codes based on resistance values of the resistor pellet in the key. You will have several security issues unless you can somehow trick the bcm into reading a resistance value with your own resistor in the ignition switch.

    GOOD LUCK, it wont be worth it.

  • kiawah 01/19/08 7:50 am PST

    Take your keys and owners car w/Vin to the dealership. They can cut you a new master key and configure it into the security system so that it works properly.


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