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  • morin2 10/06/12 9:38 am PST

    I'm assuming that this would be your first car. Any 20 year old car will not have the safety features found on more modern vehicles. As for traction in the snow, that depends largely on your snow tires - and driving ability/experience. My biggest concern about a 20 year old Chrysler product is that you should not expect any reliability from this car. If your budget only allows a sub-$1K car, then there are much better choices - such as an older subaru (with the 2.2 liter only), an early to mid-90's Camry or Accord.

    I strongly recommend that you take an auto maintenance/repair class at your local HS or vo-tech and learn to do your own service on a car of this age.

    Before negotiating price, have any used car fully examined by a qualified mechanic.

  • johnpac 10/06/12 9:44 am PST

    There is no "SAFE" winter car - they are all wild as a bored teenager, The only thing making them RELATIVELY safe is the nut holding the steering wheel. Don't let someone else steal your dream - go for it.


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