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  • MrShift@Edmunds 02/09/08 2:18 pm PST

    Go to the fuse box on the driver's side footwell. You will see a red tab taht is marked with the symbol of the car's hood raised. Pull this out. this is your positive connection to the battery and a door hinge can be your negative connection. Attach one battery cable to each and the hood will pop open when you press the button.

    Sometimes you can also plug a battery charger into the car's cigarette lighter but this may take a while to energize the battery.If the battery is dead, dead, dead, a trickle charger will take forever.

    So you need to know where the fusebox is, you need to locate the red tab, you need another battery and you need jumper cables and you need to pay attention to colors on the cables.

  • slopip 01/16/11 5:16 pm PST

    I tried all those options also to no avail....this will work on the 1999 996 carrera....you will need the following:

    1) a spatchula
    2) wire hanger with a small hook
    3) flashlight

    put the spatchula between the drive side tail light and the plastic bumper/body...very gentle look for the silver cable with the flashlight and hook it with the hanger, pull the cable out enough to grab it with your fingers and pull it to release the engine compartment. Once you have the engine compartment open...look in your manual, there is a possitive and negative post in the engine area where you can use jumper cables to start the car or supply enough juice to pop the front trunk to charge the battery...good luck..I am not very mechanically inclined, however, I pulled it off....

  • joeyb4 05/30/15 1:07 pm PST

    Simple solution, but answer is not easy to find! Took me a long time to figure this out.

    1) Simply open back hood, which doesn't seem to lock up when power is out.
    2) Look for small black plastic box above air filter.
    3) Flip open latch
    4) Attach positive jumper here and negative to frame as in photo below.

    Hopefully this post will help all the other 1999 996 owners who struggle with this issue that appears unique to 1999 vintage...


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