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  • knowledgepower 03/24/10 4:22 pm PST

    First of all check the oil dipstick after the car has sat for a while, if it shows no oil then the engine siezed up. If the oil level is okay then the alarm system could have shut the engine down but that seems unlikely just going down the road.

  • docj 03/24/10 4:37 pm PST

    This doesnt make sense....


    When you try to start it, it makes the starting sound with out turning over, no clicking or anything...no weird sounds
    So,does the engine turn over as in CRANKS over but wont start or doesnt crank over at all?

    If it cranks over but doesnt start,it could be fuel related as in failed fuel pump,outta gas ,etc..
    It could be electrical/ignition related as failed ignition components,etc...

    The engine timing belt could have broken

    Clarify whats exactly happening here...

    Doc J

  • dman93 05/21/11 2:31 am PST

    On my neon I had the same problem, it ended up being the crankcase position sensor. Mine had leaked oil onto the electrical part and it shorted out. all you have to do is jack the car up and right next to the oil filter is an electrical plug (I think on the right) All you have to do is unplug it and see if there is oil in the plug, (mine was dripping). to replace it it took a 10mm socket to undo the bolt that secures it, then you take a screw driver and put it in the notch on side and pry it out (not too roughly) and the new sensor was 65 bucks at autozone.


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