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  • karjunkie 01/03/10 9:31 am PST

    On these trucks, the misfire problem is usually the coil packs, but you already changed those. The other items that frequently lead to misfire are a dirty MAF sensor wire or low fuel pressure from a failing fuel pump, clogged fuel filter or leaking fuel pressure regulator. The first thing I'd do is run a pressure test on the fuel line. Fast and easy test you can do yourself with a fuel pressure gauge you can get at any auto parts store. After running the engine, you can pull the vacuum hose off the FPR and see if there is fuel in the hose. If so you need a new FPR. The MAF sensor wire can be cleaned with CRC sensor spray also available at the auto parts store. Lastly, you might have a clogged fuel injector. Run some Techron Concentrate through a tank of gas. If it helps, run a second bottle through to get everything nice and clean.


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