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  • zaken1 05/07/11 1:50 am PST

    Fuel deteriorates in quality during storage. It may be necessary to drain the year old fuel in the tank and replace it with fresh fuel; before the motor will run.

    You can check whether this is a fuel supply problem by disconnecting the large air duct hose from the throttle body, and spraying a 2 second burst of starting fluid into the air inlet of the throttle body; while the throttle butterfly is held partly open. Then release the throttle, slip the air duct back onto the throttle body, and try to start the motor.

    If the motor fires, or runs briefly and then stalls; this means that either the fuel in the tank is bad; or it is not reaching the motor. Try changing the fuel filter before assuming the pump is bad.

    A motor needs fuel, spark, and compression to run. If spraying starting fluid into the throttle body does not help, the spark plugs and/or plug wires may need to be replaced (2 spark plugs per cylinder in this motor). A no spark condition can also be caused by a defective coil, or crankshaft position sensor, or ignition module.

    If there is fuel and spark and the motor still doesn't start; check the compression. A timing belt that has broken or jumped out of position will cause a drop in compression from the normal figure..


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