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  • laltazan 05/05/11 11:33 am PST

    The most common causes are either a bad fuel level sender (in the fuel tank) or a bad fuel gauge. If you are handy, locate the signal wire coming from the fuel sender. If you ground the wire the gauge should move to one extreme. If it does the gauge is likely okay and the sender is more likely the issue. If you don't care to try this, with a Ford scan tool, the gauge can be cycled and the sender output tested. This likely would not cost a lot to have tested.

  • northstar6 02/10/13 2:07 pm PST

    Think you got it bad? Only gage on my dash that works is the speedometer. Its a 97 Sport (one year wonder) put a aftermarket temperature gage in to at least know the temperature. Thinking of putting a standard dash in and see if that fixes most of the dash problems. Only thing is my dash has the tach and that obviously would be gone although it doesn't work right now either.


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