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  • cardav 01/11/08 11:04 am PST

    Since you have had trans service at 89,000 and now at 129,000 that means it's due for a fluid change. Take it in to a reputable oil change business and have them do a trans flush. It will cost about $100.00 but it just may save your transmission. Those Rams do have weak transmissions so everything you can do maintainence wise will help. Good luck!

  • goalie 03/14/08 3:18 pm PST

    These trans. are very fussy when it comes to fluid. I do my own changes for that reason. A typical shop will change the filter, and refill the unit. The type of fluid should be suspect. Most trans. shops buy in bulk....or, worse yet, filter fluid! If you don't use the factory original fluid, the problems won't go away. Also, most shops that do this type of in and out service just blast a measured quantity of fluid into the trans. You won't see them opening bottles...and then running the truck to check the level as they get close to full.... Overfilling can really put you in a trickbag! If you don't wrench on your own truck, go to a small shop where you can watch and learn....and insure what is being put back in, and what quantity. Good Luck, Ramcharger

  • v1per3 04/06/09 4:48 pm PST

    Hey Philip, try having the bands adjusted in the trans. I found from the service manual that I purchased that this should be done once every two years, if you are towing stuff with the truck. Also have the fluid and filter changed if you haven't already done so. See if this helps.
    My truck was doing the same thing and that was my problem, except I let it go to far and it broke the adjuster and I had to go in and replace it. The part cost about $8.00 and I was back up and towing my camper again!


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