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  • texases 06/06/13 2:01 pm PST

    pretty sure it has a belt, probably needs one every 8 years or so. When was it last replaced?

  • mcdawgg 06/06/13 9:04 pm PST

    Yes, a 95 Camry has a belt, not chain, but the good news is it is a non-interference engine, so if the belt breaks, you stop, but the engine does not get destroyed, like an interference engine would.

    If never replaced, it is time to do it, I agree every 8 years or 90,000 miles, whichever comes first.

    Might want to change the water pump while you are at it, as no added labor, only the part cost. And a coolant change at this time, if never been done, is a great time to do that too.


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