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  • dealbreaker2 02/04/10 11:08 am PST

    There will be a documentation fee. In Massachusetts however, this fee is not regulated. I work in RI for Honda and ours is regulated at $220.00, so no matter what RI dealer you deal with it's always the same. In MA it can go anywhere from $220-600 depending on dealer.

    Also, some dealers add other fees that are hard to distinguish because they all are different. Warranties could be added to purchase order, Vin Etching, And some unrealistic fees worded in a way to confuse the consumer.

  • oldfarmer50 02/05/10 7:02 pm PST

    If you are unsure about what fees may be lurking in the shadows you can make an OTD (Out The Door) offer. This means you say that you will pay a price that will include all taxes and fees and the price of the car. This way you don't worry about junk fees. The dealer can adjust the charges any way he wishes.


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