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  • tony78 08/29/08 9:57 pm PST

    TCS is Traction Control System.

    It means some thing in this system has gone cattywhompus.

    The deler can scan for codes and give you an idea where the problem is and how much it is going to co$t to fix.

  • subearu 08/30/08 8:16 am PST

    I think even the owners manual explains the TCS light as well. :)

    Sometimes it can be one of the wheel speed sensors acting up. Any recent work to the brakes or wheels?


  • bigdadi118 09/07/08 5:27 pm PST

    Try use Auto Zone to scan the problem code for you FREE.

  • fatmando 09/07/08 5:47 pm PST

    TCS= traction control system.

    the light could be on jsut because you have hit the button to turn it off

    did it come on then go back off? the light will come on to let you know when its been activated...

    if it comes on and stays on when you start the car, get to a dealership or auto parts store and have them pull the code(s).

  • odysseyex2001 10/20/08 5:15 pm PST

    I have had 3 transmissions in my 2001 odyssey (125K)
    . When the transmission started acting up, i couldnt turn the TCS off.

  • sjm8 08/16/13 11:15 pm PST

    I habe been having the same problem with my 2001 Odyssey. For the last two years I could not pass inspections and the car was not even drivable because of traction. It jumps a lot when step on the gas pedal. Two weeks ago I took my car to car to Pep Boys for a diagnostics and from the diagnostics I have to clean the EGR system, change the EGR valve, change the two oxygen sencors, change the catalytic converter. The total cost would be 1800 dollars. I went on Utube and learned how to clean the EGR system, how to change the oxygen sencors, and how to change the EGR valve. I did them on my own and wen to a shop to change the catalytic converter for me because i do not have a torch. I took the car to inspection the same day but the computer could not give any data and iwas told to drive it for at least 200 miles and come back. The car just passed inspection, all lights are out and runs so smooth


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