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  • laltazan 04/15/11 5:19 pm PST

    The horse shoe shaped light normally indicates the tire pressure monitoring system or TPMS. A light on means either a low tire or a problem in the system. The most typical problem is a bad TPMS sensor, mounted in one of the tires. Here's an article on TPMS

    Source: http:/www.agcoauto.com/

  • 04350 04/16/11 6:57 pm PST

    First carefully check all 4 tires for a nail. Possibly a slow leak. If you find one, don't pull the nail out. Head for the tire repair store such as a local Discount Tire, Goodyear or Firestone Store.

    If you don't find one, even more reason to head to tire repair store.
    I'd avoid your car brand dealer and also Sears.


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