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  • 0patience 06/04/08 10:58 pm PST

    Not sure I understand your question.
    The supercharger gets its lubrication from the engine oil.

    The manufacturer specifies 10W30 API certified oil for the engine.
    Look in your owner's manual, as it will give a couple options and specifications of the oil.

  • subearu 06/05/08 6:52 am PST

    Actually, the superchargers used in the GTP (and most other GM's that have 'em) does have an oil change procedure. Inspect every 30k and top off, and change every 50k. There is a drain bolt (and it also serves as the filling location) on the middle part of the supercharger body.

    I know the dealer parts dept has the supercharger oil, you'll need about 8oz. Not sure of the cross reference of the GM supercharger oil to something off the shelf.


  • 0patience 06/05/08 8:39 pm PST

    Guess I need to pay more attention.

    GM P/N 12345982 synthetic oil.


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