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  • qbrozen 02/21/08 11:20 am PST

    A car can always be sold as new if it was never previously titled, regardless of the number of miles.

  • tlcruz 02/21/08 5:05 pm PST

    I work at a dealership and I've seen cars leave with 1 mile and some with 500 miles. Sometimes, it's been on the lot for some time and maybe it's been test driven a few times. But the poster above is right.

  • Stever@Edmunds 04/04/08 12:17 am PST

    Some states may have a mileage or age limit on defining a new car. Utah, for example, limits the miles to 7,500. Other states may consider a demo or other car used by a dealer but never sold at retail a "new" car.

    Source: http://answers.edmunds.com/question-How


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