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  • knowledgepower 04/15/11 7:46 pm PST

    You still have a ways to go on negotiating, you are right now at invoice so these guys are just trying to hit a home run on a deal and you're a little league pitcher (nothing personal). Whatever you do don't mention paying cash because the dealer could care less since ALL deals are cash. I would start at 17,000 and tell them you're ready to buy. They will of course think your offer is off the chain but remember your best negotiating tool is you walking out. Actually a 2011 Camry LE with 24,000 miles on it has a lot of explaining to do to me since it's only been a year and the previous owner has been to Cally and back four times. You are in the driver's seat on this one, their only gullible customer is the person who couldn't get financed on a new Camry and sees that one as a once in a lifetime deal but what are the odds.

  • ford91 04/22/11 7:26 pm PST

    I agree with knowledgepower. A lease term is usually somewhere between 10-20,000 miles a year. Using that as our figure, we can say that this car is 4-14,000 over what a should have since it is only a year old.. True, it might have been somebodies vacation lease, or maybe the pesron just like to drive a lot. Now, most of the newer cars can get up to at least 200,000 miles on there odometer before they conk out. So 24,000 leaves you with 176,000 miles of driving. I would recomend you read alot of price guides and look at car mags and websites to get a good idea of what price you should pay. One such magazie which I like is consume reports. They alos have a number which you can call to get an approximate price range you should stay in. One thing to remember is that it is easier to go up in prce than it is to come down. So start out in your negotiations with a dirt cheap price and work up to the range you actually are targeting


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