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  • texases 04/23/13 10:23 pm PST

    Typically the rotors are held on by the wheels, the screw is only there for assembling the car.

  • giomachine 04/24/13 8:55 am PST

    i was just curious cause i just replaced all the calipers and rotors but after i got it all done and drove it there is a noise on the pass front and when i get home i check it and the rotor has marks on it and it looks like its coming from the clips that sit in the caliper bracket cause the rotor has one line at the top and bottom right where that clip is. so what could be causing that i bleed the brakes the feel better then ever i just dont want that rotor to get tore up when its brand new

  • texases 04/24/13 9:46 am PST

    It sounds like something's assembled incorrectly. Take it to a shop and have them check it out.

    Do you have a Chiltons/Hayes manual? If not, it's worth getting.

  • giomachine 04/24/13 11:32 am PST

    i have a haynes and i did everything it said i did all four and its the only one doing that and i noticed today that it only made the noise from time to time

  • texases 04/24/13 11:47 am PST

    Ok, then it might be something wrong with the caliper, such as as a stuck caliper or binding elsewhere. But with brakes, if you can't solve the problem, it's time for a professional ASAP.


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