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  • MrShift@Edmunds 08/27/11 2:01 pm PST

    Uncle is right. The idle speed is controlled electronically by the throttle body control module and has to be adjusted (or repaired) via a VAG or similar scan tool.

    Sorry about the noise but we can't hear it so it's pretty hard to know what's going on there.

    My only other idea about high idle and wheezing is for you to look for a rather large VACUUM leak, which would be some hose pulled off somewhere. You can tell if a hose is a vacuum hose because if you place your finger over the opening, it will grab your skin and suck it in.

    Vacuum leaks can also occur where your intake manifold bolts to the cylinder head. You test the seams where they join by squirting something like carburetor cleaner on the seams, and if the engine idle changes, then the carb cleaner has been sucked in--this is also a vacuum leak and will totally screw up your engine idle.

    Also the power brake booster uses vacuum and there's a rather large diameter hose going to that--it can also leak and make noise, too.


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