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  • lostwrench1 12/06/12 5:06 pm PST

    What does your owner's manual state as to when to replace the timing belt?

    Legal action? Why? You did not tell him to replace the timing belt.


  • morin2 12/06/12 5:15 pm PST

    The mechanic may have had no way to warn you that the belt was about to fail. Often, the belt looks fine, but is overdue for replacement. A mechanic has no knowledge of your maintenance history. If this was the original belt, 11 years old, then it was overdue by age alone for replacement, and could have failed at any moment.

    You can go to small claims court for anything. But, unless there is more to the story, I can't imagine that you would prevail. The water pump replacement could be a coincidence. If the belt was truly 11 years old, it could have broken any day, water pump replacement or not.

  • Stever@Edmunds 12/06/12 9:31 pm PST

    Usually a water pump is replaced as a preventative measure when it's time to replace the timing belt, since it's cheaper to do so since the mechanic is "in there" already. The extra labor charge is negligible.

    So it's curious to me why the mechanic didn't recommend that you do the belt "as a preventative measure", especially if you took it to the shop for a diagnosis. If you took it to the shop and told them to replace the water pump, then they did what you asked.

    I don't understand why your car isn't fixed either? Are you waiting to see if the shop will do something for you or is it sitting at the shop.

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