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  • MrShift@Edmunds 01/16/08 1:44 pm PST

    Not recommended. This size change exceeds the 3% recommended change in size. You'll get almost a 4mph speedo error so when you think you are doing 60 you are really doing about 63.5. It's also a taller tire (not much wider) and so we'd worry about it hitting something on bumps. You could try it and fit them on two wheels I guess.

  • sandman235 01/16/08 2:20 pm PST

    I found a web sight with a cool tire size calculator, when I entered your tire information it came up with:
    Speedometer reading with new tire is 5.33% too slow.
    When your speedometer is reading 60mph you are actually traveling 63.04mph.

    web page is: http://www.tiresizecalculator.info/

    to answer your question, if the difference in speedo is ok, there is a 5/8 " taller radius so clearence shouldn't be an issue and the new tire is 5/8 " wider, should be ok as well.

    hope this helps

  • kiawah 01/21/08 2:38 pm PST

    can also look at [ Link Not Allowed ] for suggestions


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