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  • MrShift@Edmunds 12/31/07 11:07 am PST

    You either have a balky brake pedal switch that sends a signal to the park lever solenoid, or a defective solenoid at the park lever itself. The solenoid releases the park level, the brake switch tells the solenoid to do this.

  • adjuster 12/31/07 2:03 pm PST

    The brake light switch is broken or the wires have burnt off. It's under the dash on the brake pedal. In the meantime you can drive the car by putting your foot on the brake switch and pulling down on the gear shift lever into N while turning the key to start all at the same time. The gear will pop into N and after the car starts you can shift to D or R, just don't put it in P until you are aready to turn the car off.


  • hardhatdvr 02/15/08 12:16 pm PST

    I just encountered the situation where one of the wires to my brake light switch detached and I was unable to shift out of Park. To start, you can also turn the key in the ignition to the detente just prior to starting and then shift into neutral, whereupon you can then start the car and shift into drive or reverse. If you shift back into park, you'll have to turn the engine off and repeat. Be aware that if it's your brake light switch, you will have no brake lights until you repair the problem, so the start bypass method is not a good long term solution. BTW the part is less than $10 in the store and less than $5 online, just a pain to contort your body to do it!


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