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  • MrShift@Edmunds 05/18/09 5:42 pm PST


    1. Remove the tire and wheel assembly from the vehicle. Remove the park brake cable for the wheel of the vehicle that is being worked on, from the parking brake cable equalizer). This is required to gain access to the star wheel. If the cable is not removed from the equalizer, the cable and spring inside of the brake drum is in the way of the star wheel.
    2. Remove the rear brake shoe adjusting hole cover plug.
    3. Insert a thin screwdriver into brake adjusting hole and hold adjusting lever away from notches of adjusting screw star wheel.
    4. Insert Tool C-3784 into brake adjusting hole and engage notches of brake adjusting screw star wheel. Release brake adjustment by prying down with adjusting tool.
    5. Remove rear brake drum from rear hub/bearing assembly.


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