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  • rickmn 06/22/13 10:37 am PST

    The approved method for bleeding air is to apply a vacuum to the sytem at the reservoir. I wonder why the dealership didn't just do that for you?


  • whistle4 06/22/13 11:32 am PST

    Thanks for answering. The groaning did eventually quit. No idea why they didn't bleed the line properly-- the shop foreman was the one who told me to turn the wheels to help bleed the line. About a yr later, I had to have this pump replaced too! This van eats pumps as the last one apparently was going out again. I am now very experienced in the sound of a dying PW pump. A shade tree mechanic said that he wondered if someone was getting dirt in the lines . At 147,000 miles, I recently gave up and traded it off... but not for another Dodge van. :)


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